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1What is IASCT and its modus operandi?

Indian Association for Statistics in Clinical Trials (IASCT) is a nonprofit body comprising of a group of statisticians in the field of Clinical Trials and Analysis. This body serves as a platform for sharing the latest trends and techniques in the field of Clinical Trials. Operations like workshops, events and gatherings were initiated by IASCT open for anyone to register online and participate.

2What is the structure of IASCT management?

IASCT is structured with Governing Council and Events & Admin Committee. The Governing Council handles IASCT’s office and its regular operations and the Events committee handles the workshops and events to be held for developing the statistical analysis from the industrial perspective and insights.

3What is Membership for? What are the benefits?

IASCT membership entitles the user with additional features like newsletters, publications and presentations exclusively. Registered members have priority in event registrations and can avail discounted fee for events and workshops organized by IASCT.

4Who are the targeted audience for workshops and events?

There is no clamp on target of audience. Though the workshops will be a hands on knowledge sharing platform for students and professionals alike interested in Clinical Trial studies and analysis.

5Where is IASCT located?

IASCT has an office at Bangalore. Visit our Contact Us page for further details.