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There has been a growing interest from international pharmaceutical companies and CROs to build programming and statistics groups in India. In last couple of years, these activities have expanded substantially with several large organizations setting up such groups in India to meet the increasing demand for programmers and statisticians in drug development.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry has also started moving towards original drug research and not just the production of generic medicines. India serves as an important knowledge hub for providing statistical support activities in the clinical trial domain due to its potentially large talent pool and IT enabled culture.

With the growing population of statisticians and programmers in India, representatives from various multinational pharmaceutical companies and CROs took the initiative to establish a framework for an organization to provide a platform for statisticians and statistical programmers to meet and learn and to share knowledge and experience.

Hence the Indian Association for Statistics in Clinical Trials (IASCT) was founded in 2007.

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To enhance awareness about the role of statistics in clinical trials in the medical community, health care institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, governmental organizations and educational institutions in India.

To promote biostatistics and statistical programming in clinical research as career options for students of statistics and other technical disciplines in India.

To enable professional development of statisticians and statistical programmers by organizing training sessions, meetings and conferences relating to statistical techniques used in drug development.


To grow to an organization that is recognized globally for its role in promoting statistical thinking, and use of appropriate statistical methods in pharmaceutical research and development programs in India and abroad.