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  • ConSPIC 2019

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    Recent Events

      • Feb


      • R workshop

        With the advancements in technology the industry is slowly moving towards newer and different programming languages and environments. R is one such language and environment that is slowly emerging as a tool of choice for statistical computing and graphics. Many companies are also considering R as an alternative tool that can be used for validation of statistical analysis and can also be used for clinical trials’ submission driven work. R is very similar to the S language that was developed by Bell Laboratories and is used by statisticians and programmers for Statistical Analysis and computing, owing to its wide array of available statistical techniques such as linear and nonlinear modelling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering, etc., and graphical techniques. R is used widely both in academia and industry, including the pharmaceutical industry. This workshop will help users to understand basics of R and at the end of the workshop, users will be able to appreciate the uses and versatility of R and how it can be used for statistical analysis in clinical trials.

        Feb 27-28 2020 | Lemon Tree Premier, Hi-Tec City, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

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      • Feb


      • PMDA e-submissions: Expectations and Experiences - An IASCT Social Event

        An overview of PMDA e-submissions, expectations and requirements and experience sharing by one of the industry experts - Takashi Kitahara.

        Feb 13 2020

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      • Nov


      • IASCT Academic Connect - Loyola College Chennai

        The objective of the IASCT Academic Connect is to create a platform to interact and discuss on the role of statistics and programming in drug development. The event is expected to create dialogue between Academia and Pharmaceutical industry on the opportunities for students from Statistics, Computer Science and Life Sciences disciplines and professional skills required for data analytics in Pharma industry. The event also intends to provide a platform to develop academic and industry partnerships in clinical research, innovation and pedagogy.

        Nov 29 2019

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      • Nov


      • Data Science at work: Stories from our consulting practice - An IASCT Social Event

        The biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries now collect more data than ever before due to advances in the variety of information sources combined with the ability to store vast quantities of diverse data, but how do we make sense of it all? Sophisticated computational techniques have been developed to analyze data, but unlocking its full value requires gaining deep insights into the right questions. This talk will present a few case studies from the speaker's consulting practice and expertise in experimental design and data analytics, illustrating how answering the right questions matters most, and that statistical modeling techniques remain at the heart of data science. This session is the first Social Event being organized by IASCT and hosted by Cytel Statistical Software & Services Private Limited. This fast paced 45 minute talk session followed by a time of interaction is a great opportunity to network and connect with industry experts.

        Nov 20 2019

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    • IASCT ECHOES January 2015 Issue

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