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    IASCT poster contest

    IASCT poster contest

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    Recent Events

      • Jul


      • R workshop

        With the advancements in technology the industry is slowly moving towards newer and different programming languages and environments. R is one such language and environment that is slowly emerging as a tool of choice for statistical computing and graphics. Many companies are also considering R as an alternative tool that can be used for validation of statistical analysis and can also be used for clinical trials’ submission driven work. R is very similar to the S language that was developed by Bell Laboratories and is used by statisticians and programmers for Statistical Analysis and computing, owing to its wide array of available statistical techniques such as linear and nonlinear modelling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering, etc., and graphical techniques. R is used widely both in academia and industry, including the pharmaceutical industry. This workshop will help users to understand basics of R and at the end of the workshop, users will be able to appreciate the uses and versatility of R and how it can be used for statistical analysis in clinical trials.

        Jul 28 2021

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      • Jun


      • PSI Conference

        The PSI 2021 Conference will be run online between 21 to 23 June 2021. Visit their website now to know more.

        Jun 21-23 2021 | Online

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      • Jan


      • IASCT Poster contest

        This is a virtual poster contest where industry experts and students can come and present their scientific knowledge through the medium of a poster. This is similar to the poster presentation at ConSPIC, however this will be conducted online. Joining link will only be sent to IASCT members. If you are interested to join the event, please become a IASCT members by signing in on this website. IASCT membership as well as this event is free

        Jan 21 2021

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      • Dec


      • PSI Webinar: Innovative approaches in the development of pediatric medicines

        Children are considered a vulnerable population. Correspondingly, developing drugs for pediatrics is associated with a range of challenges including but not limited to ethical and methodological challenges. In this PSI webinar, representatives from different pharmaceutical companies will present innovative approaches that address the challenges of developing pediatric medicines. This includes the use of historical data, Bayesian methodology, and partial and full extrapolation approaches. The presentations are followed by a discussion of the topic from a clinical perspective and Q&A.

        Dec 08 2020

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    • IASCT ECHOES January 2015 Issue

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