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    PSI Event Workshop - Generating Insights Through Modern Applications of Data Visualisation - Part 2



    24 Sep 2021

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    This workshop will provide a practical introduction to modern methods of data visualisation through practical hands-on workshop exercises. These workshops are conducted by PSI and IASCT promotes PSI events as part of partnership between PSI and IASCT. This includes interactive and animated data visualisation tools, and the development of open source code. Who is this event intended for? Anyone interested in data visualisation in the pharmaceutical industry. What is the benefit of attending? With no technical or coding knowledge assumed, a variety of practical workshop exercises will bring to life many of the concepts learned in part one. Topics include graphic design, and interactive data visualisation tools. Please note: Registration for this event is only available for those that have already registered for Part 1 on the 17th September. Your registration will therefore be queued for approval once submitted. For more details, please visit : https://psiweb.org/events/event-item/2021/09/17/default-calendar/psi-scientific-meeting-generating-insights-through-modern-applications-of-data-visualisation

    Workshop on Effective Communication



    29 Sep 2021

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    Effective communication is one of the most important life skills which is vital for both individual job and organization success. This communication workshop will cover not only the fundamentals but also a few hidden aspects of effective communication, which we normally tend to overlook. The Workshop involves useful activities that will help participants become more aware and better prepared to handle many types of communication challenges that we face in everyday life. The workshop will not only be memorable but will also make the participants think about communications in new and different ways than they did before.