IASCT ConSPIC 2018 recommended topics

Please note that the abstracts on any other relevant topics not in the suggested list are highly welcomed.

  • New features in SAS
  • Advanced SAS programming concepts (e.g. ODS graphics, HASH programming)
  • Clinical Programming beyond SAS (e.g. PERL, Python, R etc.)
  • Automation
Data Analytics
  • Digital Data analytics
  • Bigdata analytics
  • Social Media
  • Real world evidence studies
Regulatory & Industry Standards
  • e-Submissions
  • CDISC (Talks on concepts, CFAST, CDASH etc)
  • Regulatory Guidelines
  • Liaising with Regulatory Bodies
Management and Soft Skills
  • Project Management
  • Future of data analytics in India (Challenges and how to sustain growth)
  • Talent development in an organization
  • Career opportunities in clinical data analytics
  • Values and Ethics
  • Cross Culture education
  • College to corporate transition
  • How to develop innovative skills

    Design of Clinical trials

  • Dose-exposure-response modeling and dose-escalation/adjustment”
  • Use of historical controls in clinical trials
  • Clinical Trial Simulations: the When, Where, and What
  • Bayesian designs, Bayesian predictive approach for decision-making in clinical trials
  • BA/BE: Study Design

    Analysis of Clinical trials

  • Multiple Comparison Procedures in Clinical Research
  • Recurrent Event Analysis
  • Survival analysis (multi-state, frailty, etc.)
  • Statistical Evaluation of Surrogate Endpoints in Clinical Trials
  • Estimands, Sensitivity Analysis and Missing Data in Clinical Trials

    Beyond Clinical Trials

  • Using real world evidence for regulatory decision-making
  • Statistical Methods for Systematic Reviews, epidemilogy
  • Artificial intelligence, big data methods for Clinical Data Analysis
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Statistical issues and considerations in analytical assessment of biosimilarity