Plenary Speakers at ConSPIC 2016

Professor of Applied Statistics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India, and Adjunct Professor, Dept of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Augusta University, Georgia, USA. Visiting professor at several universities worldwide. Has about 100 publications including books and volumes. Recipient of several International and National recognitions, including Lifetime Achievements Award by IARS and Distinguished Statistician Award by ISPS. Member of the Project Advisory Committee on Mathematical Sciences, DST, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, India, and Fellow of the American Statistical Association.

Professor Ashis SenGupta, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

Anandaraj is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff - Senior Member with the Chief Technology Office of Wipro Limited. He holds an MS in Software Systems and has over 17 years of experience in Solution development and Research in various industry domains including healthcare, Energy & Utilities etc. He played a key role in developing the solutions like Hyper Spectral Imaging Platform, Wipro Assure Health – remote patient monitoring platform for Cardiac patients, elderly home monitoring and clinical trial management. He is also a member of workings groups for defining the standards for healthcare & IoT. In his current role, he is heading the Hyper Spectral Imaging solutions.

Anandaraj Thangappan, DMTS – Senior Member, CTO Office, Wipro Limited.

Jim Baker is Senior Vice President of Clinical Research Services at Cytel Inc. Jim oversees global deployment of the Functional Services (FSP) business in support of our clients’ clinical research efforts. Jim is responsible for operations and execution of CRO Services contracts at Cytel and P&L for the FSP division of Cytel. Over his 30 year career, Jim has held leadership positions at some of the world’s top pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical research firms including Amgen, Wyeth and Parexel

Jim Baker, Senior Vice President of Clinical Research Services at Cytel Inc

Ramesh Hariharan is CTO and co-founder of Strand Life Sciences and an Adjunct Professor at the Indian Institute of Science. Ramesh did his PhD from the Courant Institute, New York University, before moving to the Max Planck Institute as a post-doc, and then taking up a faculty position at the Indian Institute of Science. At Strand, Ramesh straddles the fields of computer science and life science, working on algorithms that yield insights into biological systems and disease. Ramesh's recognitions include the MIT Technology Review TR100 list back in 2001, the first Devang Mehta award for IT in 2002, and the Distinguished Alumnus of IITD award in 2015. Ramesh is a Fellow of Indian Academy of Science.

Ramesh Hariharan, CTO and co-founder of Strand Life Sciences

“Detailed agenda will be announced in September. Follow our FB & Twitter accounts for more information.”

ConSPIC 2016 Agenda

  • September 22, 2016 - Day 1
  • September 23, 2016 - Day 2
  • September 24, 2016 - Day 3
Time Track 1
Hall 1
Track 2
Hall 2
Track 3
Track 4
0900 - 1030 Registration
1030 - 1100 Inaugural talk
1100 - 1230 Plenary session- Jim Baker
1230 - 1330 Lunch
1330 - 1355 P001: Multivariate Analysis - A Statistical approach from a Non-Statistician
-Tamilselvi Senthilkumar
P005: Associated Persons (AP) Domains: I collect what you have not noticed
-Padmasree Sirigireddy
S001: Systematic Reviews: Has it been a game changer in clinical research?
-Dr.Sreekumaran Nair
(Invited talk)
P009: Biomarkers as Clinical Endpoints
-Vamsidhar Terala
1355 - 1420 P002: Incidence Rate in Patient Years
-Mohanan K K
P006: Multiple Baseline Calculation in Programmers Perspective: Traditional vs ADAM approach
-Sunil Ganeshna
-Anitha Cecelia
P010: Adverse Event: Intensity behind the scenes
-Neha Srivastava
1420 - 1445 P003: Database Go Live and SDTM Test Dataset ready (Study Startup) - Challenges and Options:
-Bhaskar Debnath
P007: Vertical ADaM, a long look
-V Vishnu BapuNaidu
S003: Forecasting the efficacy in Longitudinal studies using change point mixed models
-Priya Diana Dsilva
P011: Implementation and Applicability of PROC FCMP in Creating Dynamic Custom SAS® Functions
-Vikramaditya Yandapalli,
Ajay Yalwar,
Prathamesh Athavale
1445 - 1510 P004: Playing with Patients Diary Data
-Srihari Vadlakonda
P008: An Innovative approach to automate ADaM dataset generation using Pseudocode
-Yajurvanan Chinnasamy
S004: Insights on QT/QTc studies in clinical trials:Evolution, Elaboration and Evaluation
-Ramiya Ravindranath,
Bhargav Modi,
Jairaj Ramaiah
P012: Overview of Reporting Adverse Events of Special Interest
-Meghana Kulkarni,
Shelendra Singh Pawar
1510 - 1540 Tea Break
1540 - 1605 P013: PK/PD - Foremost Milestone in Drug development
P017: Delivering SDTM Datasets by FPI- Challenges & Possible Solutions
-Pallavi Uttarwar
S005: Beta regression models for analyzing QOL data
-Dr. Pritam Gupta
P020: Challenges In Assignment Of 'EPOCH' In Partial Blinded Crossover Trials
-Sagar Das
1605 - 1630 P014: Exposure Response Analysis using Proc Logistic
-Harish Kumar
P018: The BRIDG MODEL: DAM for regulated clinical research
-Naveenpal Arumugam
S006: Sample size determination in clinical trials with multiple correlated co-primary endpoints
-Suryakant Somvanshi
P021: Can we automate human life value?
-Rohith B.C
1630 - 1655 P015: Study Data Reviewer's Guide (SDRG) - What is it? Why we need them?
-Dr Shanmugavel S Sundaram
P019: SDTM Trial Design Models- A Sneak Peek
-Rathan Kumar Rangu,
Lalitha Peddiboyena
S007: Do we really need high sample size and power for BE studies?
-Chandrasekhar Bhupathi
P022: Pharmacokinetics: Compartmental Model and Data handling, Challenges in CDISC world
-Marshal Chettiar,
Ajay Daparthi,
Prabhatha Mateti
1655 - 1720 P016: Program DATA Vector (PDV) Essentials: How to Think Through the SAS® DATA Step
-Chirayu Patel
S008: Dose Escalation Designs
-Ramakrishna Battula,
Paridhi Jain,
Shital Pokharkar
P023: From Basic to Advance, ODS is all you need to know
-Abdulkadir Lokhandvala,
Shabbir Bookseller
1800 - 1845 IASCT Annual General Meeting
Time Track 1
Hall 1
Track 2
Hall 2
Track 3
Track 4
0915 - 1030 Plenary Session- Anandaraj Thangappan
1030 - 1100 Tea Break
1100 - 1125 P024: Beyond programming in survival and difference in proportion analysis
-Abhramoy Mandal,
Avinash Bandi
P028: Traceability Checks For CDISC ADaM
-Obulpathi Naidu K
S009: Modelling Efficacy And Toxicity In Oncology Dose-Finding Studies
-Yajnaseni Chakraborti
A001: Quantitative Signal Detection with Post-Marketing Data using R and Tableau
-Sridhar Punniamurthi
1125 - 1150 P025: e-QC of Tables & Listings made validator Job easy!
-Muthukumaran Kannan
P029: Baseline implementation challenges in ADAM BDS Datasets
-Asha Antony
S010: Bayesian predictive approach to interim monitoring in clinical trials
-Ashwini Shenoy
A002: Safety Signal - How far are we from detecting it?
-Pratibha Jalui
1150 - 1215 P026: Statistical programming challenges in analyzing data from adaptive clinical trials
-Preeti Malik
P030: SDTM mapping challenges in Multiple Myeloma trials: A Case Study
-Smitha Joseph
S011: A Look at the Two Stage Multi-Arm Design
-Soorma Das
A003: Using Analytics in Monitoring Patient Safety
-Arnab Sengupta
1215 - 1240 P027: Landscape of IO Therapies in Clinical Trials
Aditya Shah
P031: Evolution of SDTM, General Pit falls and Best practices
-Ranjan Routray,
Shrishaila Patil K,
Lekshmanan S
S012: Seamless two stage adaptive design in clinical trials
-Gordhan Bagri
A004: Risk Based Monitoring in Clinical Trials with Tools – Be SMART
SatyaVyshnavi Thondapu,
Sravan Kumar Nagi Reddy,
Milan Bhagat
1240 - 1330 Lunch
1330 - 1355 P032: What's my name? My name is ______ (Fun with SAS functions)
-Soujanya Konda,
Suresh Kumar K
P036: SDTM IG 3.3 - New Domains and Variables
-Prashant Suthar
S013: Phase II Clinical Trial Design Incorporating Toxicity Monitoring
-Dr.Shesh Rai
(Invited talk)
A005: Predicting Future Course of Clinical Trials
-Rohan Sathe
1355 - 1420 P033: End-to-End Information Flow in Clincal Endpoint Adjudication
-Pravinkumar D
P037: The Metadata Driven Approach - When It Fails
-Tushar Sakpal
S014: Two sample Comparisons Involving Zero-Inflated Continuous Data in Clinical Trials
-Dr. H. V. Kulkarni
A006: Big Data Analysis in Clinical Trials
-Rajan Josephraj Paul
1420 - 1445 P034 Systole and Diastole of a Rescue Study - Programmers Monitoring Report
-Hari Prasad
P038: Hidden Forces that boost the power of Open-CDISC: PERL , SAS and VBA
-Megha Agarwal
S015: Comorbidity as prognostic factor in clinical trials in patients with hematologic indication
-Tuli De
A007: Forecasting Trial Costs at pre-Clinical Development Stage
-Manigandan Ramkumar
1445 - 1510 P035: Creating and Customizing the Kaplan-Meier Survival Plot in PROC LIFETEST
-Neha Shah,
Pavan Kumar KP
P039: A Practical Approach to create Define.xml and Define.PDF
Hussain Sabir,
Soma Sekhar K
S016: Importance of Randomly selected blocks in block randomization
-Meera Mohan
A008: Data Driven Approach to identify scientific misconduct in clinical operation
-Vikas Sharma,
Deepali Pilankar,
Swati Rizhwani
1510 - 1610 Tea Break and Student Poster Competition
1610 - 1635 P040: How statistical programmers can be prepared for the FDA Advisory Committee Meeting?
-Anshul Sinha
P044: Jumpstart - A Quick Data Review Tool
-Rashmi Seta
S017: A Spline Enhanced Population Pharmacokinetic Ordinal longitudinal Model subject to Informative Dropout
-Dr.Arindom Chakraborty (Invited talk)
S021: Securing Privacy by Minimizing Disclosure Risk in De-identified Data
-Debasis Dey
1635 - 1700 P041: RELREC - SDTM Programmer's Bermuda Triangle
-Charumathy Sreeraman
P045: Utility to automate the creation of datasets with metadata from Specification and simplify the process of updating datasets for data transfers.
-Kiruthiga Mohan
S018: Covariate Selection in Model Building
-Aditi Marathe,
Garima Joshi
S022: Modeling Unstructured Covariance Matrix: When it works and when it doesn't
-Hitendra Nath Pandey
1700 - 1725 P042: Learning best practices in developing project level macros the hard way
-Kartik Rajan
P046: Robust macro for issue tracking and to check the Data and Metadata updates between data transfers
-Shivaram Sharma
S019: Tipping point as a sensitivity analysis
-Neha Pandey
S023: Exploring the underlying distribution of Pharmacokinetic parameters
-Abhinandan Chakraborty
1725 - 1750 P043: Handling missing data by adding dummy records or Imputation
Vidya Mandavkar
P047: ADTTE - A Dynamic Tool To Effectively interpret clinical outcomes
-Shilpakala Vasudevan, Mangala Hiriyannaiah
S020: Statistical Method for Identification of Biomarker Driven Subgroups
-Chaitali Pisal
S024: Different imputation methods use in Clinical Trials
-Arijit Sarkar,
Bristi Bose,
Preeti Kumari,
Pankaj Tiwari
1900 onwards DJ Party and Dinner
Time Track 1
Hall 1
Track 2
Hall 2
Track 3
Track 4
0800 - 1000 Poster session
1000 - 1130 Plenary session - Prof. Ashis SenGupta
1130 - 1200 Tea Break
1200 - 1225 P048: A peek behind the curtain: SAS system options
-Ajeet Raut
P051: Strategies to Overcome the future resourcing demands of SAS Programmers in Clinical Research Industry - An Overview
-Dinesh Kumar
S025: Gatekeeping Strategies
-Suresh Kumar Kothakonda
P054: Exploring Oncology Domains
-Senthil Yuvaraja
1225 - 1250 P049: Think beyond SAS macros start programming with Proc Lua
-Aravindan Karunakaran
P052: The seven year itch
-Korak Datta
S026: Different approaches for handling treatment switching for reporting in clinical studies
-Ravinder Arakati
P055: Clinical Trial Data Anonymization Guidelines and Challenges
-Farooq Ali,
Kedar Maheshwari
1250 - 1315 P050: OSI-BIMO for FDA submission- Programmers approach in preparing it
-Puli Raju Mandati
P053: Mindfulness - The transition from Tibetan monasteries to the corporate boardrooms, a roadmap for a better well-being in the age of disruption
-Nishanth N
S027: Use of Propensity Score Matching in non-interventional study
-Surbhi Vijay,
Ashutosh Mishra,
Prashant Kulkarni,
Shyam B Tiwari
P056: The Tangled Tale - Painful process in laboratory data integration, reconciliation and review
-Manohar Naidu,
Praveenraj Mathivanan
1315 - 1400 Lunch
-Anik Chatterjee
P060: Managing Non-CRF Data Efficiently - SDTM Perspective
-Kirti Srivastava
S028: A class of Covariate-Adjusted Response-Adaptive Allocation Designs for Multi-treatment Binary Response Trials
-Dr.Atanu Biswas
(Invited talk)
1425 - 1450 P058: Tag your TAUGs
-Praveenrao Polsani,
Kumaran Selvaraj
P061: Working with Define.XML V2.0.0 in SDTM environment
-Vijay Reddy
S029: Analysis of Competing Risk Data with Masked Cause-of-Event
-Ashok Kumar Singh
1450 - 1515 P059: R we ready for ‘R’? Validation and review made easy
-Satheesh Kantam,
Prajakta Anil Chavan
P062: OpenCDISC to Enhanced Pinnacle 21 Reports using SAS
Kishore kumar Paramkusham,
Abhinav Kumar,
Nitin Suryawanshi
S030: Modelling and analysis of recurrent event data
-Rajan Sareen,
Sonam Singh,
Keerthana Palwai
1515 - 1545 Tea Break
1545 - 1715 Valedictory - Dr. Ramesh Hariharan
1715 - 1745 Awards and Closing

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