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Application for Volunteering Positions

Guidelines :

Please find below a brief description of the volunteering opportunities.

After the descriptions, you will be allowed to make one choice.

Please note that the final list of volunteers will be selected by the Executive Committee based on a number of factors, including organization representation and geographical location.

1 Volunteer for Events Committee
  • Plan and conducts the IASCT trainings, workshops, academic connects and professional conferences
Responsibilities of volunteers
  • Contributes to planning of events in a calendar year
  • Prepares promo material of an event
  • Facilitates venue, gifts etc by closely collaborating with committee members and also represents IASCT as needed, during in-person events
  • Manage posting & archival of event material on IASCT website
Avg time to be spent/Month
  • 2-3 Hrs/Month during non-event months
  • 5-6 Hrs/Month during months having IASCT events
2 Volunteer for Admin Committee
  • Maintains the memberships, communications of IASCT on social media, newsletter publishing and IASCT website
Responsibilities of volunteers
  • Connect with various industry organizations and academic institutes and helps admin committee head to maintain membership database full updated every year
  • Connect with industry colleagues authors, presenters and attendees of events to seek echos, interviews and publish in regular IASCT news letters
  • Work with IT vendor on maintenance and management of IASCT website and its features.
Avg time to be spent/Month
  • 3 Hrs/Month
3 Volunteer for Social Media Lead
  • Maintains and publishes IASCT information on social media
Responsibilities of volunteers
  • Publish information related to IASCT events in social media (i.e. facebook, twitter)
  • Maintain regular presence of IASCT on SM channels to build engagement with the audience, explore and establish modern SM engagement methodologies as appropriate.
Avg time to be spent/Month
  • 5 Hrs/Month

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Nomination process for volunteering positions have been closed